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Paik Conservation Symposium @ Smithsonian

The National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Lunder Conservation Center put on this one-day symposium, which examined the conservation and restoration of works by Nam June Paik. This is what… Continue reading

Kelly Richardson: Legion

I went out to see Kelly Richardson’s show Legion at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, and I wanted to leave that place and go home to find my favorite sci-fi books.… Continue reading

Cloud Music

Cloud Music, Robert Watts, David Behrman, Bob Diamond, 1974-79, custom audio and video electronics, camera, amplifiers, speakers, video monitors. On display at the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum, this piece is very interesting. A… Continue reading

Jennie C. Jones at the Hirshhorn

Jennie C. Jones’ Higher Resonance at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum is a pensive, minimalist exhibition that pushes the boundaries of audio as fine art. Using acoustic panels as visual pieces hung on the… Continue reading

Nam June Paik: Art and Process

The Smithsonian American Art Museum held a one day event, Nam June Paik: Art and Process, combining talks by academics and artists on Paik, a gallery tour of the Paik show in the galleries-… Continue reading

The Armory Show 2013

While I tend to agree with some of reviews- that the annual Armory Show on the NY Pier tends towards safe and sellable art- that is the whole point of the show, really… … Continue reading

Northern Lights

On the outside of Washington DC’s Kennedy Center is a swirl of blue, green, and purple. The colors shift, and the movement is so slight that you have to stand there for a… Continue reading

Asheville Art Museum

On our short trip to Asheville this weekend, we spent a little bit of time at the Asheville Art Museum. I went for the new media gallery to see the Fluxus films, Flux… Continue reading

Ser y Durar

Three screens and three projectors. One Dark Room. 20 minutes. Nowhere to sit. Ser y Durar [To Be and To Last] by the Spanish duo Democracia, is an amazing and electrifying piece at… Continue reading

Nam June Paik: Global Visionary

The Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) has an exhibition of the video artist Nam June Paik’s work. Global Visionary is quite a feat, mostly because it is difficult to put that much amazing… Continue reading

Vito Acconci

Acconci talked about Ai Weiwei for a while the other night at the Hirshhorn. He was bold and brash and raw. Even though he talked about his architecture and Acconci Studios most of… Continue reading

The Network by Lincoln Schatz at NPG

The National Portrait Gallery acquired video artist Lincoln Schatz‘s work The Network, and he came for a visit to help unveil it in the galleries. It is an amazing piece of work, and… Continue reading

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) impressed me with its traveling show, Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris, exploring art history solely through the lens of women artists- but not in a… Continue reading

Cai Guo-Qiang at Freer Sackler

Last week I walked over to the Smithsonian’s Freer Sackler Galleries to see Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang blow up a Christmas Tree. So, maybe it did not blow up, but there were sparks… Continue reading

Orlando Museum of Art

At the Orlando Museum of Art, we were unlucky in that the traveling exhibitions, or about half of the museum, were down. So, in once sense, we got to see what the Museum… Continue reading

Ai Weiwei at the Hirshhorn

Ai Weiwei’s show, According to What?, at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is a haunting and powerful show made of the simplest materials in the midst of a clean, minimalist exhibition… Continue reading

MoMA- The Media Lounge

Went to MoMA to see the new(ish) Media Lounge and I got a little distracted by the amazingness of the Quay Brothers exhibition. But, the Media Lounge is great. I could sit there… Continue reading

Illuminate AK

Created with Gifboom by Meagan Baco The Albright-Knox Art Gallery had a video mapping event on the outside of their building. Techno music and video mapping. I think this should just be a… Continue reading

Cleveland Museum of Art

With a new atrium opening up next month (it is gorgeous) , the Cleveland Museum of Art is a grand art museum, with a great Contemporary Art collection made up of all the… Continue reading


Circle City, named for the city plan that put the Soldiers’ and Sailor’s Monument in the center of the city on a circle plan. It is lit up nicely at night, and while… Continue reading

Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is the ninth largest art museum in the country, and they have a massive art conservation suite with 12 conservators on staff. I did a short talk on… Continue reading

Smithsonian American Art Museum

The Smithsonian American Art Museum had an exhibition on video games- Video Games As Art- that is a great first step in the tale of video game- but it was more focused on… Continue reading