Nam June Paik: Art and Process

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The Smithsonian American Art Museum held a one day event, Nam June Paik: Art and Process, combining talks by academics and artists on Paik, a gallery tour of the Paik show in the galleries- Nam June Paik: Global Visionary, and a performance- Strange Music for Nam June Paik– by some of Paik’s contemporaries- Ryuichi Sakamoto, Stephen Vitiello, and Steina Vasulka.

The talks were great, the exhibition is fantastic, and the performance blew my night out of the water.

My twitter feed.. Crystal ‏@cristalyze 14 Apr

  1. My favorite digital artifacts are those intentionally created by #Steina Vasulka. Performance for #Paik @americanart

  2. This is as painful as it is supposed to be. @americanart performance for #paik
  3. So far a man shushed a baby, a violin was smashed, 2 people left and a lady filmed the whole 1st part with a mini iPad. Amazing. #paik show
  4. Comparing #Paik with Seurat. Pixels and paint dots. Interesting. -Zinman

  5. #steina gets a shout out. Excited for tonight’s performance… @americanart for #Paik day

  6. For a #mediaarchivist, Stephen Vitiello’s stories about boxes of open reel #paik audio stab me in the heart. 

  7. AUDIO PRESERVATION SCARE. Stephen Vitiello gets the award for scariest slide showing dead open reel tapes. @americanart #paik day 

  8. Jud Yalkut sums up my life- “video doesn’t work”. @americanart #paik
  9. Jud Yulkut- #Paik told us to shoot with all content on the sides of frame so when it migrated to TV, there would be nothing on screen. 

  10. Excellent! “@americanart: @cristalyze be sure to follow @PaikBot, he’ll be tweeting from the symposium today! #paik