Crystal Sanchez

Audiovisual Archivist. Fine Art Lover. Museum Visitor. Book Arts Creator. Amateur Cook. Film Student. Traveler. Advocate. Averse to Waste. Steward and Critic.

Indiana University Vaults

Audiovisual Archiving
Film. Video. Digital. Audiovisual Archivist. Preservation Specialist.

Kenneth Snelson at the Hirshorn

The Fine Arts
Fine Art Lover. Museum Visitor. Media Art Management Strategies. Museum Studies.

Cooking With Leftovers

Cooking With Leftovers
Strange Recipes. Averse to Waste. Creative Solutions. Odd Tastes.

Book Arts
Making Books. From Scratch. Recycled Materials. Fancy Stitches.

Buffalo, NY

Traveling. Exploring Cities. Cultural Sectors.  Strategies. Branding. Preservation.

Events and Other Things
Activism. Community. Volunteering. Participating.