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Asheville Art Museum

On our short trip to Asheville this weekend, we spent a little bit of time at the Asheville Art Museum. I went for the new media gallery to see the Fluxus films, Flux… Continue reading

National Archives and Records Administration, Washington DC

A few small photos from their great exhibition on Archives. Go see it if you are in DC. NARA.

Cleveland Museum of Art

With a new atrium opening up next month (it is gorgeous) , the Cleveland Museum of Art is a grand art museum, with a great Contemporary Art collection made up of all the… Continue reading


Circle City, named for the city plan that put the Soldiers’ and Sailor’s Monument in the center of the city on a circle plan. It is lit up nicely at night, and while… Continue reading

City of Night

Chicken Wings and a Formal Dinner Party meet for our performance piece at Buffalo’s City of Night in September 2012. Over 300 wings went in just under 2 hours, freaking people out and… Continue reading

Buffalo, NY

Showed up to work on Migrating Media, but fell in love with Buffalo’s many festivals, free music, great food, interesting art movements, cool events, and good people. Here is a the blog roll… Continue reading