Asheville Art Museum

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On our short trip to Asheville this weekend, we spent a little bit of time at the Asheville Art Museum. I went for the new media gallery to see the Fluxus films, Flux Cuts, but there were some gems in the rest of the Museum:

  1. Hoss Haley‘s sculpture, Cycle, that I believe was built in that space. That, and his light fixtures in the foyer, make for one interesting artist..
  2. Erich Hartmann’s photographs of concentration camps with the exhibition In The Camps. The room itself was eerily perfect for the show..
  3. A sculpture outside the museum that I don’t even know who or what it is- but basketballs and nets were used to create giant grape vines to dress up the outside of the Museum. brilliant.
  4. My favorite by far was the The Philadelphia Story: Contemporary Figurative Work Drawn from the Academy, especially the sculptures. You have to see it for yourself, but there is something amazing there in those works.
  5. And of course the Flux Cuts. You can sit in the media gallery for over an hour and watch them all. Conceptual and repetitive and flashy and short.
  6. And then you can go up to the art center (for kids, but whatever), and make some art. Here is our go at it. Square Peg.