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Fresh Corn Polenta

My mom came to visit and brought me seven ears of fresh beautiful corn – just one day before I left the country.. so I came back to good corn going bad, and… Continue reading

Garden Salad

This salad is made entirely of things in my garden. But it is the dressing that is superb – made with leftover herbs.. RECIPE

Lavender Zucchini Cookies

It is amazing how much moisture these things hold; I thought I might be under-cooking them.. Of course it a great way to use your overflowing zucchini, but mostly it was about the… Continue reading

Tuna Kale Wraps

Scalloping with my family on the FL coast is a magnificent adventure, and my uncles are master fishermen, leaving me with some leftover seafood. It traveled home with me. Just don’t ask me… Continue reading

Lox Crostini

A few pieces of lox leftover from brunch and some leftover rye bread, and this happened.. I was craving deviled eggs, which is how this dressing came into being. Tart and creamy and… Continue reading

Rye Bread

This is the first time my bread did not turn out super dense. Thanks to some #leftover milk. So tasty that I ate one loaf in the first day.I used this recipe: Dill… Continue reading

Cauliflower Cream Sauce

I don’t know why I did this.. My cauliflower was leftover from roasting a whole head, so it was a bit on the al dente side, and already spiced… Add leftover heavy cream… Continue reading

Strawberry Jam Pops

I love getting jam from my friends. You feel so special getting something so homemade.. But alas, I don’t really eat jam, so it starts to pile up. Enter summer.. And popsicles! THE… Continue reading

Spicy Cauliflower Head

Don’t judge me. I forgot about a whole head of cauliflower. And lets just say, it is so much fun to roast it whole, with a yogurt crust that gets crunchy golden. Mix… Continue reading

Corn Scrambled Eggs

So much leftover corn. Meet eggs. RECIPE

Garlic Scape Pancakes

A box of leftover garlic scapes on a neighbor’s porch and I made these cuties, like you would scallion pancakes – sprinkle on diced scapes, roll and coil the dough, smoosh down with… Continue reading

Mealy Mint Popsicles

These are not too sweet, and the pear makes them kind of chunky, but I love them, and it is perfect way to use up the last dregs of your fruit juices.. 1/2… Continue reading

Lentil Polenta Cakes

Leftovers from the box of Ingredients I got in the MasterChef Mystery Box. I made Shrimp & Grits Cottage Pie – made too many lentils and polenta, and here it is.. RECIPE

Tater Tot Burrito

Those are tater tots from the bar. Sometimes I wrap things up in a napkin and then find things the next day.. Something about hash browns in a breakfast burrito can cure any… Continue reading

Lime Cauliflower Rice

The leftover florets. They get ignored until they are almost dead.. And I don’t have a food processor, so I used the cheese shredder. Works like a charm. Recipe and Photos

Pork Pesto Meatballs

Well, leftover Arugula Radish Pesto, ground pork, cheese, onions, and… meatballs! Use the grill! The Recipe

Radish Greens Pesto with Arugula

I love radishes. Love them. But those radish greens often get discarded. Add in some super peppery arugula from the garden and its a new kind of pesto.. Ingredients: 1 cup radish greens… Continue reading

Spicy Shrimp Hand Pie

This is what happened with the last of the dough.. (3 pieces left). And I had some very spicy salsa left over from a party. Put it in a pocket and it becomes… Continue reading

Parmesan Flatbread Pizzas

You may not remember, but this is half of a half of the dough I made and froze a while ago (it was for mint hamburger buns) So, this is a 1/4 of… Continue reading

Cucumber Gazpacho

Summer time… Lets just say that I hope you have a compost if you make this refreshing beauty. Ingredients: 4 cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and chopped 2 pears, peeled and chopped 1 garlic clove… Continue reading

Bacon Chicken Salad

Bacon Chicken Salad Sliders.. I had the best chicken salad sliders at a party the other day. So, we made these happen for a beach outing using hot dog buns.. It works because… Continue reading

Bacon Grease Garlic Chicken

My sister feels far away.. She recently told me that she doesn’t ever cook with oil, just bacon grease. And then she moved to a remote African island.Me: What do you do if… Continue reading

Sauerkraut Steak Scramble

The sauerkraut makes this a bit tangy so we added a basil cottage cheese topping and it all went down smoothly.. Makes 2. Ingredients and Recipe!  

Reese’s Brownie Pieces

We still have candy leftover from Easter… This graham cracker, candy brownie topping works great for it! Eat it all up with a candy side! Ingredients and More Photos..

Salad Dressing Tea Sandwiches

It starts with leftover honey mustard dressing from my lunch salad. And then you should try every salad dressing you have: the classic ranch, sesame ginger, roasted garlic… whatever you got. Imagine the… Continue reading

Breakfast Fried Rice

A batch of leftover Indian food (rice), a pile of leftover chicken, a fried egg, and here is one great breakfast… Ingredients; leftover rice, and other things (chickpeas) soy sauce egg(s) Cook up… Continue reading

Hot Stuffed Tomatoes

Two beautiful heirlooms, one big pile of leftovers, bake, and enjoy. That is how I celebrate cinco de dos. Recipe and Photos

Rye Mint Hamburger Buns

You should see our mint plant.. Now I just want to put mint in everything. I used this recipe from The Tart Tart (except for the milk) to make rye, whole wheat hamburger… Continue reading

Garlicky Greens

When I am anxious or nervous or really excited, I just need to eat garlic. This is one way to use up heavy winter greens and eat them in your sunny backyard.. And… Continue reading

Whipped Cream Biscuits

I’m not even sure where this whipped cream came from, but it had just a week to go.. Some random baking project. Add flour and other things, and you can make some fast,… Continue reading

Hunny Bunny Buns

Got leftover carrots? This is the best thing you could ever do with them… Put two grilled carrots on a toasted bun with a drizzle of honey, a squirt of brown mustard, and… Continue reading

Easter Egg Salad

Did you know Easter eggs should traditionally be dyed the color of red blood and cracked open on the thick side for good luck? Funny superstitions.. Ingredients and Recipe I like to use… Continue reading

Bulgur Salad

I am not used to these spices.. Watch out, it is a lot. You can add all kind of things like feta or nuts- like my inspiration recipe from Celery and Za’atar Tabouli… Continue reading

Asparagus with Poached Egg

I learned to poach an egg today for this dish.. We had it at our neighborhood place The Heights a few weeks back and then, dying asparagus beckoned.. Ingredients: Asparagus stalks, ends cut… Continue reading

OJ Mac N Cheese

Leftovers from our dinner party. I always make too much pasta, and Meg makes the best pulled pork in the world with orange juice.. (here’s the recipe). So, I used all the piles… Continue reading

Open Faced Green Egg Sandwich

What is more green than a piece of bread topped with creamy dill lemon pesto, avocado slices, and arugula. Then a fried egg. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Dill Pesto Shrimp

You know how it goes.. There was dying dill, which started as pesto, and then Greek yogurt was added, making for creamy, lemony shrimp. And then add hot roasted vegetables.. A little green… Continue reading

Champagne Grape Pizza with Asparagus

This is what happens when your daily drink is champagne.. These are not champagne grapes (the tiny ones), but leftover grapes, cut in half and soaked in champagne overnight. Add asparagus and mozzarella… Continue reading

Catfish Balls

Meg calls it her greatest bounty so far. Large trays of leftover cooked catfish fillets and pineapple rice, which is great until you eat it for a whole week… Enter the catfish ball.… Continue reading

The Leftover Quiche

I love this crust recipe because it requires no milk or butter or eggs. Just don’t be thrown off by its oily appearance, it will crisp up into a delicious quiche.. Add eggs… Continue reading

Jelly Goat Cheese Straws

So much jam in the house… We are celebrating the Oscars and more snow! Appropriately inspired by Oprah. Ingredients: 1 sheet of puff pastry 1/4 cup of leftover jam (IPA beer jelly?) 2.5… Continue reading

Stuffed Demi-Baguettes

Remember when Subway cut their bread this way? I made baguettes with this recipe, and instead of making two loaves, I made 4 smaller loaves. Cut a lid off the loaf, stuff it… Continue reading

Fancy Ceviche Tilapia

There are those days that you defrost fish and then go out to the bar instead. Perfect opportunity for a ceviche lunch. Add some mozzarella cheese. Makes it creamy, and goes well with… Continue reading

Baked Tomato Egg

Perfect Brunch for One. Leftover tomato sauce, a handful of spinach, and an egg. If only I had some Parmesan..or goat cheese. Ooh, add that. Ingredients and Recipe

Cornflake Porkchops

Meg’s mom makes these amazing cornflake cookies that I tried out the other day. Hence, leftover cornflakes… A bit of seasoning and it makes a great breading for some chops. INGREDIENTS AND RECIPE

Parmesan Encrusted Green Bean Fries

We forgot about these green beans in the fridge, but you just add cheese and they can shine again! Recipe courtesy of PBS and Dashing Dish. We did not have enough Parmesan, so… Continue reading

Turmeric Apple Crisps

Near dead apples, cut thin, sprinkled with strange spices, and baked. The bitter turmeric balances the sweetness in the apple. If you use a mandolin, don’t cut your fingers.. Recipe and Photos..

Barley Stew

This soup is so good for that terrible cold traveling around. Barley is my new favorite grain. Top with a sour cream dollop. I like my barley al dente.. INGREDIENTS AND RECIPE

Antipasto Pasta

Sometimes your work has a party and there is so much food leftover that people throw away. Antipasto, vegetable plates, cheese. Add sauteed garlic and cooked pasta. Sprinkle with Parmesan. Eat for days..… Continue reading

Green Bean Grilled Cheese

Fresh steamed leftover green beans. Some great fresh bread. And cheese. Heck, what isn’t good with cheese? Ingredients and more crazy things..