Cleveland Museum of Art

With a new atrium opening up next month (it is gorgeous) , the Cleveland Museum of Art is a grand art museum, with a great Contemporary Art collection made up of all the major classics. No media on display but we didn’t spend too much time there. The building itself is quite strange, materials that create a dark and light horizontal striping along the facade, and the inside is a mix of rustic stone and steel and glass that you would think make it sterile and cold, but it actually exudes a modern warm-ness. It is situated in a section of the city where walking to the other LARGE cultural organizations is easy to do, sectioning them all off from the rest of the city in a way I am not sure works to their advantage. But I have heard about the Film Series and its great facilities, so I am excited to visit later on this year to check it out and maybe see a show. Free and worth a visit.