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Circle City, named for the city plan that put the Soldiers’ and Sailor’s Monument in the center of the city on a circle plan. It is lit up nicely at night, and while the downtown has a cozy feeling and empties out on the weekend, it is filled with large buildings, chain restaurants, and large cultural organizations funded mainly by Lilly Pharmaceuticals. We went for the The National Historic Road Conference. The cultural core includes a man-made canals with pedestrian paths, filled with public art, and flanking museums. The Eiteljorg Museum mixes Western and American Indian cultures. The Children’s Museum is the largest in the country. The Tennessee State Museum has a Robert Indiana sculpture in the front of it. It is an amazing investment that I hope has a return. The Rathskeller has an interesting space for bands to play, and the City buildings have basil planted in the pots out front, so there is some hope..