Orlando Museum of Art

At the Orlando Museum of Art, we were unlucky in that the traveling exhibitions, or about half of the museum, were down. So, in once sense, we got to see what the Museum has and does with its Permanent Collection. I had a hard time figuring out what the museum’s collecting mission was, and I wasn’t very impressed with the open galleries, but a few pieces really stuck out. Here they are..

  1. Frank Moore’s Black Pillow, although without a cool Moore frame, was the most striking piece in an exhibition on landscapes, Common Ground: Art of the American Landscape.
  2. A new piece in the Contemporary Gallery was by Nick Cave, a sculpture called Soundsuit– a mannequin fused with metal rods and covered in knickknacks. Colorful and flashy and indicative of our obsession with material goods. The one media piece on display, although not in the permanent collection, was to supplement the new sculpture- an 11 minute video, Blu-Ray projection, of Cave’s creations. You can see more of this great work at Cave’s SoundSuitShop.

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