Paik Conservation Symposium @ Smithsonian

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The National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Lunder Conservation Center put on this one-day symposium, which examined the conservation and restoration of works by Nam June Paik. This is what I learned.

  1. Video Fish is a Paik work I didn’t know about. AMAZING.
  2. The Paik Guggenheim show in 1982 is one I am mad that I missed..
  3. Curators and Conservators working together can be a fierce team to fix electronic works.
  4. I have GOT to learn how to solder.
  5. @PaikBot is one of the robots in the American Art Museum Paik exhibition, was a piece that Mansfield and Shockey worked on restoring together from the Paik archive, and tweeted during its conservation treatment. I went on a hunt to find those tweets… (see @PaikBot  tweets from September 2012- LOTS of photos.
  6. EAI makes uncompressed 10-bit video files for its preservation files of SD videos…
  7. CRTs are crazy complicated, but the Guggenheim made an exhibition copy of altered CRTs (the hardware) to loan out their TV Crown for the American Art Museum show. The Artifact is still important.