The Network by Lincoln Schatz at NPG

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The National Portrait Gallery acquired video artist Lincoln Schatz‘s work The Network, and he came for a visit to help unveil it in the galleries. It is an amazing piece of work, and although not my favorite topic, it is remarkably sophisticated in its construction. Schatz interviewed leaders in Washington DC, many of whom work in the political arena, in all sectors. And the work is remarkable in that it is generative- it sits on a computer program that indexes the speakers’ words and pulls connections from each of them, so you never know who will be the next video shown or what part of their conversation will be put on display. In this way, Schatz is commenting on the interconnectedness that all of these leaders have (and thus, all of us as citizens) while also allowing you a peek into their minds… The camera work is beautiful and three camera angles are layered at one time, making this a beautiful and rich work that I could listen to all day if I had the time.