Vito Acconci

AcconciAcconci talked about Ai Weiwei for a while the other night at the Hirshhorn. He was bold and brash and raw.

Even though he talked about his architecture and Acconci Studios most of the time, I know Vito through his video art, art that is very strange and intimate, dealing with the body and tackling the space between personal and private spheres. You can watch some works on Video Databank. As Acconci himself stated about his work at this time, “What I was trying not to do, was to do something that I liked, something that I wanted.”

And after a while, as the talk continued, I came to realize that Acconci was not really a fan of the artist. Respectful of his art and his career, but not really sure if he liked the man himself and very critical of his art. So- quite an interesting talk… What was missing was any mention of the work they actually collaborated on. I’m still trying to figure out the connection between them.
Check it out here and see for yourself..