The Armory Show 2013

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While I tend to agree with some of reviews- that the annual Armory Show on the NY Pier tends towards safe and sellable art- that is the whole point of the show, really…  I would love to see more riskier pieces that incorporate performance or different medias, especially in the contemporary section, but, in reality, it is a fair that is at its core for dealers and collectors. Besides the power outage, elevator breakdown, and near crowd riot that I got to experience, here were a few of my favorite works – keeping in mind my love of media based works:

  • Nick Cave brings it with another sculpture and video combination in his soundsuit series. I just can’t get enough of these. This was the first video that I have seen that was devoid of colors and more morose in tone. Still great.
  • Kristina Jansson’s painting of a video control room, with its blurred lines yet photo realistic sensibilities.
  • Julian Opie. I can always count on someone walking in the screen somewhere at this show.
  • Tom Duncan‘s giant working mechanical sculpture in homage to Coney Island. You can sit at it and use the controls to move aspects of it. Brilliant scale.
  • Magnan Metz Gallery’s booth overhaul dedicated to Duke Riley’s work including a grave rubbing activity for guests. I got to take home a cool souvenir.