Jennie C. Jones at the Hirshhorn

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Jennie C. Jones’ Higher Resonance at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum is a pensive, minimalist exhibition that pushes the boundaries of audio as fine art. Using acoustic panels as visual pieces hung on the walls like artworks, the artist built a curved wall inside the gallery to allow for an inside and an outside space and two separate audio pieces- one inside the curved wall and one outside. It is quite conceptual, the audio pieces mix with the panels in a way that the artist is able to situate her work with audio in a fine art gallery, holding its own as an exhibition. Sound works as fine art.

This is all the more interesting when you look at the importance and source of the audio. They are edited works that pull from historically important works, allowing the artist to comment on the place of African American musicians in the musical canon. You should just check it out.