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Salad Dressing Tea Sandwiches

It starts with leftover honey mustard dressing from my lunch salad. And then you should try every salad dressing you have: the classic ranch, sesame ginger, roasted garlic… whatever you got. Imagine the… Continue reading

Fancy Ceviche Tilapia

There are those days that you defrost fish and then go out to the bar instead. Perfect opportunity for a ceviche lunch. Add some mozzarella cheese. Makes it creamy, and goes well with… Continue reading

Tatziki Egg Salad

This is one goopy egg salad. I used my leftover tatziki, which isn’t actually leftovers, when I make a batch a week to put on everything in sight.. Ingredients: Two eggs, hardboiled, and… Continue reading

Mac N Cheese Crumble

Mac N Cheese Crumble Sometimes it isn’t during the week that you are just too lazy to cook; sometimes it’s the weekend- after a brewery tour and tasting- that you come home and… Continue reading

Collard Greens Zucchini Boats

We had some leftover black eyed peas and collards from New Years Day, and we needed to do something with them before they were dead. The collards were garlickly good- a 101 Cookbook… Continue reading

Beans and Sauerkraut

Do you know what makes a can of beans taste so much better? Sauerkraut! In this little dish, we opened up a can of chili, spooned it into two bowls, nuked it, and… Continue reading