In the world of Moving Image Archiving, the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is the classroom of continued education, and the annual conference is the playground.

This year it was in Seattle in early December (2012). Here are the highlights of the 2012 program.

  1. The workshop on ffmpeg transcoding. A tool every video archivist should have in their back pocket.
  2. Learning about DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) and what MoMA, the BFI, and the Academy Film Archive think about archiving and preserving films on digital formats. DCPs are essentially release prints- and encrypted DCPs are like doorstop. DCDMs are what archives should ask for- the master copies of the DCP.
  3. Home Movie Day recaps and takeaways- and a call out to have one in your town!
  4. New tools to play with, provided by Skip Elsheimer from AV Geeks, during the Man vs Machine panel. CatDV. XMedia Recode
  5. AVPS and MIAP kids talking about Superstorm Sandy and the things they learned from disaster cleanup at the completely flooded Eyebeam. It made me think about what we should do to plan for disasters in DC. Here’s the video..