Orphans Film Symposium (#8)

Orphans8 at the Museum of the Moving Image, Spring 2012

Orphans 8 was incredible. A mix of so many great people sharing their research and their knowledge and their media. I got to moderate a panel and work on the program, but mostly just listen. Highlights for me were- the Irish Film Archive’s screenings of films from the early 1900s- with live bagpipes. Helen Hill’s inspiring legacy, the award recipients, Jo Dery and Jeanne Liotta, and the screening of her heartbreaking film The Florestine Collection. An Lillian Schwartz! Her Papillons is below- Watch it!

There is so much great stuff out there about it. So look at it. A DVD release is coming out (which I am working on!), so EMAIL me if you want one!

The Website- Orphans8: Made to Persuade

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Casey Scott’s writeup of favorite things! (with videos)