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Cucumber Gazpacho

Summer time… Lets just say that I hope you have a compost if you make this refreshing beauty. Ingredients: 4 cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and chopped 2 pears, peeled and chopped 1 garlic clove… Continue reading

Barley Stew

This soup is so good for that terrible cold traveling around. Barley is my new favorite grain. Top with a sour cream dollop. I like my barley al dente.. INGREDIENTS AND RECIPE

Hungover Weekend Casserole

Think about this. Noodle soup, sausage, rice, and cheese all in one casserole. This one is a Baco family recipe! Not really its intended purpose, but it sure does work for party weekends,… Continue reading

Doughy Dumpling Soup

On New Years Day I made a whole chicken and then some stock by boiling the carcass in a pot of water. A day later, leftover doughy restaurant dumplings fell in my lap… Continue reading

Spinach Onion Soup

Its a snow day, so we had time to let this one simmer. And the home smelled like onions to keep us warm.. Also a good way to use up dying spinach. RECIPE… Continue reading

Sour Cream Chicken & Dumplings

Sometimes I just need to make a whole chicken.. And then we butcher it, and eat it, and stare at the carcass for a while. Throw that carcass in a pot, cover it… Continue reading

Chicken Cowgirl Stew

The lore says that cowboys would put their leftover coffee into their stew, to make it richer, to add flavor, or simply to not waste it.. I am a coffee lady, but sometimes… Continue reading

Shrimp Stock Soup

I can’t believe I have lived this long without making shrimp stock. I love to get intimate with my food (and I am cheap), so I buy shrimp uncooked/uncleaned when it is on… Continue reading

The Turkey Carcass and Stuffing Dumpling Soup

I didn’t cook Thanksgiving this year, but when my friends were about to throw the turkey carcass away, I snatched it up. 5 cups of turkey and 8 cups of stock later…. And… Continue reading

Beef on Weck Soup

Beef on Weck is a sandwich popular in Buffalo, NY. A roastbeef/horseradish sandwich, the Beef on Weck is known for its kimmelweck roll covered in caraway seeds and coarse salt. So, after a… Continue reading