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Parmesan Flatbread Pizzas

You may not remember, but this is half of a half of the dough I made and froze a while ago (it was for mint hamburger buns) So, this is a 1/4 of… Continue reading

Hot Stuffed Tomatoes

Two beautiful heirlooms, one big pile of leftovers, bake, and enjoy. That is how I celebrate cinco de dos. Recipe and Photos

Whipped Cream Biscuits

I’m not even sure where this whipped cream came from, but it had just a week to go.. Some random baking project. Add flour and other things, and you can make some fast,… Continue reading

Asparagus with Poached Egg

I learned to poach an egg today for this dish.. We had it at our neighborhood place The Heights a few weeks back and then, dying asparagus beckoned.. Ingredients: Asparagus stalks, ends cut… Continue reading

OJ Mac N Cheese

Leftovers from our dinner party. I always make too much pasta, and Meg makes the best pulled pork in the world with orange juice.. (here’s the recipe). So, I used all the piles… Continue reading

Champagne Grape Pizza with Asparagus

This is what happens when your daily drink is champagne.. These are not champagne grapes (the tiny ones), but leftover grapes, cut in half and soaked in champagne overnight. Add asparagus and mozzarella… Continue reading

Catfish Balls

Meg calls it her greatest bounty so far. Large trays of leftover cooked catfish fillets and pineapple rice, which is great until you eat it for a whole week… Enter the catfish ball.… Continue reading

Jelly Goat Cheese Straws

So much jam in the house… We are celebrating the Oscars and more snow! Appropriately inspired by Oprah. Ingredients: 1 sheet of puff pastry 1/4 cup of leftover jam (IPA beer jelly?) 2.5… Continue reading

Stuffed Demi-Baguettes

Remember when Subway cut their bread this way? I made baguettes with this recipe, and instead of making two loaves, I made 4 smaller loaves. Cut a lid off the loaf, stuff it… Continue reading

Fancy Ceviche Tilapia

There are those days that you defrost fish and then go out to the bar instead. Perfect opportunity for a ceviche lunch. Add some mozzarella cheese. Makes it creamy, and goes well with… Continue reading

Parmesan Encrusted Green Bean Fries

We forgot about these green beans in the fridge, but you just add cheese and they can shine again! Recipe courtesy of PBS and Dashing Dish. We did not have enough Parmesan, so… Continue reading

Green Bean Grilled Cheese

Fresh steamed leftover green beans. Some great fresh bread. And cheese. Heck, what isn’t good with cheese? Ingredients and more crazy things..

Fried Macaroni Nuggets

This is what happens when you grieve.. I fry everything. We started with mozzarella sticks and then Meg randomly put some cooked leftover box macaroni and cheese in the hot oil (ours was… Continue reading

Mini Chimichanga

After a killer work week, I just wanted to come home and eat some cheese. Meet the oven chimichanga, a perfect vehicle for leftovers… Ingredients: 1 medium tortilla 2 big spoonfuls of meat… Continue reading

Pumpkin Pesto Pasta

This year I decided my carving pumpkin would be a pie pumpkin so I could make puree and try something crazy. Add apples and nutmeg and you get a buttery sweet coating for… Continue reading

Cauliflower Basil Mash

Went to visit my mom and she had this crazy basil plant, and then I came home and remembered my large head of orange cauliflower in the fridge. Add other things you might… Continue reading

Flat Bread Pizzas

After learning to make flat bread, I couldn’t help myself, and I pulled all the leftovers out of the fridge to make these mini pizzas… MORE PHOTOS

Goat Cheesy Flat Bread

It is that day where the goat cheese will have to be thrown out tomorrow. Probably should have tossed it today, but I am a bit crazy, so I folded it into the… Continue reading

Mango and Brie Quesadilla

It is an odd combination but it is so so good. Mango and Brie. Also two things I had in my fridge… Melt in tortilla and eat.

Stuffed Tomatoes

Too many Roma tomatoes after a house party and this is a good solution…Cut the tops off, scoop out the insides, chop up the filling and mix it with whatever you have in… Continue reading

Stuffed Breaded Chicken

Nothing like putting leftovers inside a flattened chicken breast, then rolled in leftover quinoa. When you cut into it, you get nice looking pinwheels – if it all doesn’t fall apart. RECIPE AND… Continue reading

Cheese Taco Shells

It’s rare to have leftover cheese, but all you need is a tiny handful in the frying pan. God, I love cheese. Here’s my take on it.

Mac N Cheese Crumble

Mac N Cheese Crumble Sometimes it isn’t during the week that you are just too lazy to cook; sometimes it’s the weekend- after a brewery tour and tasting- that you come home and… Continue reading

Turnip Cream Gratin

My sister came to visit and bought half & half for her coffee. I like my coffee black, so I knew this would linger in the fridge.. I had purchased a turnip for… Continue reading

Mac n Cheese Quesadilla

After a long day, the fake cheesiness of Kraft’s day old mac n cheese is such an interesting pairing with a few marinated artichokes I had and the last bits of my havarti… Continue reading