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Tuna Kale Wraps

Scalloping with my family on the FL coast is a magnificent adventure, and my uncles are master fishermen, leaving me with some leftover seafood. It traveled home with me. Just don’t ask me… Continue reading

Garlicky Greens

When I am anxious or nervous or really excited, I just need to eat garlic. This is one way to use up heavy winter greens and eat them in your sunny backyard.. And… Continue reading

Creative Dumplings

Dumplings are great for leftovers.. Ground turkey, apple, and rosemary. Butternut squash and sage. Potato, onion, and basil. Make your filling with whatever you have. Wrap them up into shapes- triangle, nun, envelope,… Continue reading

Quinoa Breaded Salmon, Soy Glazed

A little leftover quinoa and now this is my new favorite dish. Dip the salmon in the flour, egg, and then quinoa and place in a hot frying pan containing the oil and… Continue reading

Couscous Meatballs

Leftover couscous, black beans, broccoli, and ground turkey rolled into little balls. The couscous puffs up and fills in the balls, giving them some stability. Just add hot sauce! Here’s the recipe..

Fried Chinese Noodles

These are fresh Chinese noodles that I bought at the store for some reason. We ate half of them with pasta sauce like traditional people. And the rest sat in the fridge until… Continue reading