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Radish Greens Pesto with Arugula

I love radishes. Love them. But those radish greens often get discarded. Add in some super peppery arugula from the garden and its a new kind of pesto.. Ingredients: 1 cup radish greens… Continue reading

Sprout Biscuits

With some leftover Hollandaise sauce from a lazy Saturday Eggs Benedict and a lot of broccoli sprouts in the fridge, these biscuits turned out dense and fluffy and filling and tasting strangely like… Continue reading

Fried Chinese Noodles

These are fresh Chinese noodles that I bought at the store for some reason. We ate half of them with pasta sauce like traditional people. And the rest sat in the fridge until… Continue reading

Cilantro Pesto Pork Tenderloin

A big bunch of cilantro fell into my lap, so I decided a little cilantro pesto was in order. The best way to make pesto is to put your ingredients in a big… Continue reading

Pasta with Garlic Ranch Sauce

We ran out of chips, so we couldn’t eat the rest of our Ranch Dip. But I wanted it, so we decided to make a pasta sauce. Add garlic, butter, spinach, cheese, and… Continue reading

White Sauce

Sauces are great things to make and then pour over leftovers. We were inspired by a burrito we had that reminded us of going to Japanese Steakhouses as kids. I was one of… Continue reading