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Spicy Cauliflower Head

Don’t judge me. I forgot about a whole head of cauliflower. And lets just say, it is so much fun to roast it whole, with a yogurt crust that gets crunchy golden. Mix… Continue reading

Bulgur Salad

I am not used to these spices.. Watch out, it is a lot. You can add all kind of things like feta or nuts- like my inspiration recipe from Celery and Za’atar Tabouli… Continue reading

Rosemary Balsamic Butter

This is what happens when you pick way too much rosemary for Sunday bread making… It is quite a delicate and savory bread topping.. Inspired by Bobby Flay, but with way less balsamic.… Continue reading

10 Flavors- Natural Egg Dying

Inspired by Just Short of Crazy’s Natural Dyed Easter Eggs, we took a look at the cabinet and inside the fridge to see what kind of experiments we could do. Mix with a… Continue reading