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Lox Crostini

A few pieces of lox leftover from brunch and some leftover rye bread, and this happened.. I was craving deviled eggs, which is how this dressing came into being. Tart and creamy and… Continue reading

Garlic Scape Pancakes

A box of leftover garlic scapes on a neighbor’s porch and I made these cuties, like you would scallion pancakes – sprinkle on diced scapes, roll and coil the dough, smoosh down with… Continue reading

Jelly Goat Cheese Straws

So much jam in the house… We are celebrating the Oscars and more snow! Appropriately inspired by Oprah. Ingredients: 1 sheet of puff pastry 1/4 cup of leftover jam (IPA beer jelly?) 2.5… Continue reading

Mango and Brie Quesadilla

It is an odd combination but it is so so good. Mango and Brie. Also two things I had in my fridge… Melt in tortilla and eat.

Couscous Cookies

This couscous salad thing was already spiced and full of good things- a leftover from the ridiculous office lunch meeting splurge. Put it in a blender, add cumin, and bake into savory cookies.… Continue reading

Cilantro Lemon Crackers

Why do we even buy cilantro? I always have too much and it gets mushy and I feel guilty… These treats were a true experiment, but good luck getting the thinness perfect. The… Continue reading

Pickle Flavored Zucchinis

This is my best pickle flavored experiment yet! I have had success with cucumbers and okra, and failure with brussels sprouts, but these zucchinis win.. Here is the trick. We eat pickles, love… Continue reading

Potato Stamp Fryup

For our holiday cards, we handmade them with potato stamps. You cut the potato in half, carve it like a wood cut, slather with paint (use a knife), and stamp onto paper. This… Continue reading

Rice Cakes

Leftover rice is the best thing to cook into all kinds of strange meals. This rice was mixed with leftover stir fry (probably also made from leftovers)… Inspired by Polly… Here are more… Continue reading

Mac n Cheese Quesadilla

After a long day, the fake cheesiness of Kraft’s day old mac n cheese is such an interesting pairing with a few marinated artichokes I had and the last bits of my havarti… Continue reading