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Lime Cauliflower Rice

The leftover florets. They get ignored until they are almost dead.. And I don’t have a food processor, so I used the cheese shredder. Works like a charm. Recipe and Photos

Breakfast Fried Rice

A batch of leftover Indian food (rice), a pile of leftover chicken, a fried egg, and here is one great breakfast… Ingredients; leftover rice, and other things (chickpeas) soy sauce egg(s) Cook up… Continue reading

Wild Rice Bread

I hate wild rice because it reminds me of cockroach wings.. But, we got some in a food challenge and had a bunch leftover. This is the best use of it. Fluffy, amazingly… Continue reading

Caraway Fried Rice Cups

SO much rice with leftover Chinese food. I wanted it to taste like rye bread, so I added a lot of caraway seeds and baked in ramekins. And then I ate them both..… Continue reading