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Parmesan Flatbread Pizzas

You may not remember, but this is half of a half of the dough I made and froze a while ago (it was for mint hamburger buns) So, this is a 1/4 of… Continue reading

Champagne Grape Pizza with Asparagus

This is what happens when your daily drink is champagne.. These are not champagne grapes (the tiny ones), but leftover grapes, cut in half and soaked in champagne overnight. Add asparagus and mozzarella… Continue reading

Flat Bread Pizzas

After learning to make flat bread, I couldn’t help myself, and I pulled all the leftovers out of the fridge to make these mini pizzas… MORE PHOTOS

Quinoa Pizza Dough

A big pile of leftover red quinoa folded into handmade pizza dough. And top it with whatever you want- even olives and sausage. Ingredients: pizza dough 1 cup of red quinoa, cooked toppings… Continue reading

CauliFlour Pizza Dough

What to do with leftover cauliflower- like if you made these sexy Cauliflower Steaks? Making cauliflower pizza dough is one crazy idea. There are a variety of recipes out there- like Your Lighter… Continue reading

Picadillo Pizza

This one is for my dad, who used to make picadillo when I was a kid. A hearty cuban dish- you can make it and have a serious amount of leftovers, or you… Continue reading