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Tuna Kale Wraps

Scalloping with my family on the FL coast is a magnificent adventure, and my uncles are master fishermen, leaving me with some leftover seafood. It traveled home with me. Just don’t ask me… Continue reading

Lox Crostini

A few pieces of lox leftover from brunch and some leftover rye bread, and this happened.. I was craving deviled eggs, which is how this dressing came into being. Tart and creamy and… Continue reading

Catfish Balls

Meg calls it her greatest bounty so far. Large trays of leftover cooked catfish fillets and pineapple rice, which is great until you eat it for a whole week… Enter the catfish ball.… Continue reading

Fancy Ceviche Tilapia

There are those days that you defrost fish and then go out to the bar instead. Perfect opportunity for a ceviche lunch. Add some mozzarella cheese. Makes it creamy, and goes well with… Continue reading

Pickle Poached Fish

We eat way too many pickles.. That leftover pickle juice is my new favorite thing. We put it in a pan and poached some dover sole in it. Oh my, add a little… Continue reading

Salsa with a side of Fish

A bunch of vegetables leftover in tiny portions… So, I turned them into a salsa for my fish. And it turned out that the salsa became the main dish, with some Tilapia on the… Continue reading