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Lavender Zucchini Cookies

It is amazing how much moisture these things hold; I thought I might be under-cooking them.. Of course it a great way to use your overflowing zucchini, but mostly it was about the… Continue reading

Strawberry Jam Pops

I love getting jam from my friends. You feel so special getting something so homemade.. But alas, I don’t really eat jam, so it starts to pile up. Enter summer.. And popsicles! THE… Continue reading

Mealy Mint Popsicles

These are not too sweet, and the pear makes them kind of chunky, but I love them, and it is perfect way to use up the last dregs of your fruit juices.. 1/2… Continue reading

Reese’s Brownie Pieces

We still have candy leftover from Easter… This graham cracker, candy brownie topping works great for it! Eat it all up with a candy side! Ingredients and More Photos..

Black Butter Cookies

I’m not a baker, but these strange savory cookies are the best sweets I have ever made. These sugar cookies made with our black Rosemary Balsamic Butter makes the strangest holiday cookies you… Continue reading

Watermelon Sorbet

Did you know you can carve anything into a scary jack-o-lantern? Even a personal watermelon… You get about 7 cups of watermelon guts out of it, and then you add sugar, citrus, some… Continue reading