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Rye Bread

This is the first time my bread did not turn out super dense. Thanks to some #leftover milk. So tasty that I ate one loaf in the first day.I used this recipe: Dill… Continue reading

Rye Mint Hamburger Buns

You should see our mint plant.. Now I just want to put mint in everything. I used this recipe from The Tart Tart (except for the milk) to make rye, whole wheat hamburger… Continue reading

Whipped Cream Biscuits

I’m not even sure where this whipped cream came from, but it had just a week to go.. Some random baking project. Add flour and other things, and you can make some fast,… Continue reading

Flat Bread Pizzas

After learning to make flat bread, I couldn’t help myself, and I pulled all the leftovers out of the fridge to make these mini pizzas… MORE PHOTOS

Goat Cheesy Flat Bread

It is that day where the goat cheese will have to be thrown out tomorrow. Probably should have tossed it today, but I am a bit crazy, so I folded it into the… Continue reading

Quinoa Pizza Dough

A big pile of leftover red quinoa folded into handmade pizza dough. And top it with whatever you want- even olives and sausage. Ingredients: pizza dough 1 cup of red quinoa, cooked toppings… Continue reading

Spiced Whole Wheat Bagels

Well, we made bagels from this recipe, whole wheat style, and then put those good Penzeys spices to use. Herbs Provence, Sunny Spain, Sage, Rocky Mountain Seasoning, Seasoned Salt. Then bake. And maybe… Continue reading

Sprout Biscuits

With some leftover Hollandaise sauce from a lazy Saturday Eggs Benedict and a lot of broccoli sprouts in the fridge, these biscuits turned out dense and fluffy and filling and tasting strangely like… Continue reading