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Barley Stew

This soup is so good for that terrible cold traveling around. Barley is my new favorite grain. Top with a sour cream dollop. I like my barley al dente.. INGREDIENTS AND RECIPE

Beef Stroganoff

You know the best thing about stroganoff? Sour Cream.Leftover sour cream should never ever go to waste. Also, it is rumored that mushrooms are not even traditional to the Russian original. So just… Continue reading

A Loaf of Meat

The great thing about meatloaf is that you can get right in there and mix it with your hands. Throw in whatever you have lying around before it goes bad. We had a… Continue reading

Picadillo Pizza

This one is for my dad, who used to make picadillo when I was a kid. A hearty cuban dish- you can make it and have a serious amount of leftovers, or you… Continue reading

Beef on Weck Soup

Beef on Weck is a sandwich popular in Buffalo, NY. A roastbeef/horseradish sandwich, the Beef on Weck is known for its kimmelweck roll covered in caraway seeds and coarse salt. So, after a… Continue reading