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Mashed Potato Cupcakes

Leftover Dumpling stuffing? Put into cupcake tins, bake, broil, and eat. Ingredients: 1 cup mashed potatoes 1/2 cup ground turkey, tossed in A1 sauce 4 cubes of cheese (Colby) Grease cupcake tins and… Continue reading

Vegetable Wedding Gratin

This is what happens when you take the bride and groom home and they give you lots of vegetable and cheese party leftovers. Wedding Gratin! RECIPE

Apple Hash

This dinner was a complete accident, after discovering diced apple leftovers from preparing Meg’s birthday apple pie cake last week. Add to store bought spiced hash browns (or shredded potatoes), mix in leftover… Continue reading

Cauliflower Basil Mash

Went to visit my mom and she had this crazy basil plant, and then I came home and remembered my large head of orange cauliflower in the fridge. Add other things you might… Continue reading