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Pork Pesto Meatballs

Well, leftover Arugula Radish Pesto, ground pork, cheese, onions, and… meatballs! Use the grill! The Recipe

OJ Mac N Cheese

Leftovers from our dinner party. I always make too much pasta, and Meg makes the best pulled pork in the world with orange juice.. (here’s the recipe). So, I used all the piles… Continue reading

Cornflake Porkchops

Meg’s mom makes these amazing cornflake cookies that I tried out the other day. Hence, leftover cornflakes… A bit of seasoning and it makes a great breading for some chops. INGREDIENTS AND RECIPE

Cilantro Pesto Pork Tenderloin

A big bunch of cilantro fell into my lap, so I decided a little cilantro pesto was in order. The best way to make pesto is to put your ingredients in a big… Continue reading