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Couscous Egg Muffins

Scrambled cheese couscous eggs are my new favorite breakfast, but lets face it, you don’t get up early enough for that on any weekday. These muffins will fill you up all week. You… Continue reading

Couscous Cookies

This couscous salad thing was already spiced and full of good things- a leftover from the ridiculous office lunch meeting splurge. Put it in a blender, add cumin, and bake into savory cookies.… Continue reading

Couscous Meatballs

Leftover couscous, black beans, broccoli, and ground turkey rolled into little balls. The couscous puffs up and fills in the balls, giving them some stability. Just add hot sauce! Here’s the recipe..

Tomato Chicken Couscous

When you have a cooked chicken breast in the fridge and you are too lazy to cook. Mix ingredients together. Add salt and pepper. Delicious.