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Bacon Chicken Salad

Bacon Chicken Salad Sliders.. I had the best chicken salad sliders at a party the other day. So, we made these happen for a beach outing using hot dog buns.. It works because… Continue reading

Bacon Grease Garlic Chicken

My sister feels far away.. She recently told me that she doesn’t ever cook with oil, just bacon grease. And then she moved to a remote African island.Me: What do you do if… Continue reading

Hot Stuffed Tomatoes

Two beautiful heirlooms, one big pile of leftovers, bake, and enjoy. That is how I celebrate cinco de dos. Recipe and Photos

Doughy Dumpling Soup

On New Years Day I made a whole chicken and then some stock by boiling the carcass in a pot of water. A day later, leftover doughy restaurant dumplings fell in my lap… Continue reading

Sour Cream Chicken & Dumplings

Sometimes I just need to make a whole chicken.. And then we butcher it, and eat it, and stare at the carcass for a while. Throw that carcass in a pot, cover it… Continue reading

Stuffed Breaded Chicken

Nothing like putting leftovers inside a flattened chicken breast, then rolled in leftover quinoa. When you cut into it, you get nice looking pinwheels – if it all doesn’t fall apart. RECIPE AND… Continue reading

Chicken Cowgirl Stew

The lore says that cowboys would put their leftover coffee into their stew, to make it richer, to add flavor, or simply to not waste it.. I am a coffee lady, but sometimes… Continue reading

Tomato Chicken Couscous

When you have a cooked chicken breast in the fridge and you are too lazy to cook. Mix ingredients together. Add salt and pepper. Delicious.