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Tater Tot Burrito

Those are tater tots from the bar. Sometimes I wrap things up in a napkin and then find things the next day.. Something about hash browns in a breakfast burrito can cure any… Continue reading

Sauerkraut Steak Scramble

The sauerkraut makes this a bit tangy so we added a basil cottage cheese topping and it all went down smoothly.. Makes 2. Ingredients and Recipe!  

Breakfast Fried Rice

A batch of leftover Indian food (rice), a pile of leftover chicken, a fried egg, and here is one great breakfast… Ingredients; leftover rice, and other things (chickpeas) soy sauce egg(s) Cook up… Continue reading

The Leftover Quiche

I love this crust recipe because it requires no milk or butter or eggs. Just don’t be thrown off by its oily appearance, it will crisp up into a delicious quiche.. Add eggs… Continue reading

Baked Tomato Egg

Perfect Brunch for One. Leftover tomato sauce, a handful of spinach, and an egg. If only I had some Parmesan..or goat cheese. Ooh, add that. Ingredients and Recipe

Couscous Egg Muffins

Scrambled cheese couscous eggs are my new favorite breakfast, but lets face it, you don’t get up early enough for that on any weekday. These muffins will fill you up all week. You… Continue reading

Crustless Quiche

This is the leftover zucchini lasagna. I just couldn’t eat it anymore in its original form, so I took the last pieces, put them in small greased pan, poured two scrambled eggs over… Continue reading

Breakfast Panzanella

Buy one get one baguettes are hard for me to avoid. So here we are. Mix breakfast foods with stale bread prepared for a panzanella, and this is an amazingly cheap brunch idea.… Continue reading

Cheese Taco Shells

It’s rare to have leftover cheese, but all you need is a tiny handful in the frying pan. God, I love cheese. Here’s my take on it.

Potato Stamp Fryup

For our holiday cards, we handmade them with potato stamps. You cut the potato in half, carve it like a wood cut, slather with paint (use a knife), and stamp onto paper. This… Continue reading

Avocado Egg Bake

Bake an egg in anything… Anything cylindrical anyway. This time, I happened to have half a dying avocado. Here’s the recipe (and more photos)..

Pretzel Bites French Toast

How do you deal with your days old pretzel rolls? They are hard and crusty and might break your teeth… Cut up into slices, soak in a seasoned egg bath, and fry up… Continue reading